We can provide & design the right cloud app stack from the marketplace to fit your business engine.

With traditional on-site ERP systems, inflexibility and inefficiency are a sore issue. Implementing and running a Cloud Solution offers great advantages.

We can guide you and drive your transition to the cloud solution thanks to our team’s expertise and best practices from the market.

Optimising the full cycle:

Sales Step


Operations Step


Back Office Step

Back Office

Match your organisation’s pace for growth

Responsive and supportive centralised online platform and enterprise-level tools. This comes at a fraction of the cost of setting up a cloud solution and maintaining it, which has contributed significantly to its popularity.


Stop managing your inventory. Start connecting it.

We will find your FIT from the thousands of apps available!


Although all these great apps help you manage your inventory, different platforms have different features and therefore different strengths and areas of focus. This is why a thorough process is needed to match the right app with the required business need.


At SCOPE we will help you identify your inefficiency gaps and together we will re-engineer your processes for a smoother operation.

Our process involves:

  • business analysis,
  • mapping your business goals,
  • understanding current business processes,
  • appreciating your software budget,
  • proposed fit for respective platforms.

Let us walk you through a Proof of Concept. This phase will clearly provide you with a deep understanding of the pros and cons of each path.

Some of our cloud app partnerships

Cool features & solutions

Integrated Online Orders
Integrated online orders

Connect with POS and Inventory. Invoice automatically and keep customers informed by sending them real-time updates after their order has been dispatched.

Booking System
PO & billing solutions

Manage your purchase orders, connected with your inventory. Convert a sales order into an invoice and track its status and debt collection.

Manage Jobs
Automated notifications

Set a re-order point and get notified automatically next time you are low in stock.

Cash Management
Cash management

Reconcile all your tills and cash flow reports.

Flexible Pricing
Flexible channel pricing

Structure your SKUs and pricing based on your customer channels.

Recording Data
Reports & analytics

Generate reports at the click of a button and get better insights into your business performance.

B2B Portal
B2B portal

Create your unique B2B platform and communicate easily to cater for the needs of this channel.


Connect your e-cash tills with e-commerce, inventory and your accounting system.

Warehouse Management
Warehouse management

Manage imports, stock systems integrated with POS.

Accounting & Bookkeeping
Material requirements planning

Manage procurement lists and POS linked with accounting.

Retail & Distribution software
Integrated ecommerce

Enhance the customer sales experience with an integrated online catalogue.

Property Management software
Client engagement and loyalty

Increase client engagement with a loyalty and reward scheme across shop and online purchases.

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