Scope Co-Founders

Brewed in 2012, literally over a jug of beer amongst friends, a problem was identified, a solution formed, through the foresight of how the tech future and the digital world will affect the business operations of organisations and the way they work.

Founders and Managing Partners, Brian Ferris and Neville Micallef, with their decades of experience in the corporate world, have successfully created a unique experience for local businesses to join a game-changing revolution – this is the Scope Story.

Problem Solving in an analytical way is the SOUL of Scope – there to Listen, Understand, Solve and Serve – your Tech Partner & Cloud Specialist.

A proposition that is triggering change and evolution in the way businesses approach their operations, manage their data and their strategic decisions, synched with technology and SaaS solutions.

“It is part of our core philosophy at SCOPE to assign a dedicated Solutions Specialist to every client.”

Brian, is an accountant by profession who today focuses on delivering I.T. solutions, a passion he has always enthusiastically shared for a very long time. He is a firm believer in the principle ‘do what you love, love what you do’, whilst insisting that this can only happen when complimented by a sustainable business model.

Brian has extensive experience in the financial control realm, having led one of the largest financial control functions on the island. Throughout the years he has driven a number of system implementation projects cutting across the entire business spectrum. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from both an operational and financial perspective.

Partners at Xerocon

Neville is a technologist / scientist by profession who focuses on the development and implementation of large projects.  He has worked on I.T. projects for high profile clients such as Government, MITA, EU, University, a number of international banks, oil and gas as well as other established local and foreign clients.

He is specialised in the project management of software driven projects including ERP, business intelligence, accounting software and bespoke software development. His contribution to Scope is vital in all I.T. related matters, communication, solutions planning and development of products.

It is part of our core philosophy at Scope to assign a dedicated Solutions Specialist to every client, who acts as a liaison point before, during and especially after the go-live phase. Our team of Solution Specialists have different professional backgrounds across different sectors. We also have a team of dedicated developers, who are assigned to key projects with very particular needs.

Meet the Team!

Scope Team Photo

With over 2 decades of hands-on experience in IT, software development, BI and accounting our talent pool has never been so rich to provide the best support and solutions for businesses joining the CLOUD Revolution!

We are here to listen, understand and act to give you a game-changing operation!

Scope Evolution


The idea

The idea <i class="fas fa-lightbulb"></i>

2 guys meet in Valletta to discuss a business idea … becoming a cloud app specialist and integrator, although none of these industry terms existed back then!


1st paying client

1st paying client <i class="far fa-money-bill-wave-alt"></i>

The idea developed into a business and had the 1st SaaS certification… 1st paying client plus starting the talent scouting process.


SaaS partnerships

SaaS partnerships <i class="fas fa-handshake"></i>

Focus on building more meaningful SaaS partnerships as Malta was embracing the cloud model. First full-time employees within the team.


Meetings in cafes

Meeting Coffee

200+ Meetings in cafes, establishing relationships, building alliances. Started building our first SaaS proprietary product.


New office hub

New office hub <i class="far fa-building"></i>

Moved into new 100+sqr mts office hub within the Digital Hub at the Life Sciences Park in San Gwann.


Over 100 clients

Scope Team in 2017

Team grew to over 10 people … Managing 100+ clients and migrated over 1,000,000 SKUs for clients on the cloud.  Malta’s early cloud adoption strategy is in full swing.


Over 20 software partners

Scope Partners

Expanding the solution portfolio to more than 20 software cloud applications which can be offered a solution to clients.


Scope team grows

We are a team

The Scope team grew to over 20 employees with focus remaining in building and maintaining partnerships which grew to over 30.  Targeting niche areas and able to provide better custom solutions to clients who were optimising operations due to the Covid-19 impact.


New ventures

New ventures <i class="far fa-cash-register"></i>

In 2021, ZeroBubble started it’s operations in retail technology.  Proprietary SaaS software DataDear announcement of technology acquisition by Intuit QuickBooks.  In the meantime we reached an important milestone of over 1000 clients on the cloud.


10th year anniversary

Scope at the Malta Business awards

Celebrating 10 years of Scope! Launched an accounting training programme for educators and MCAST students and was a Finalist of the B2B Digital Solution of the Year at the Malta Business Awards plus scoops Zuper’s Partner of the Year.


Scope goes International

Scope in Dubai

Scope expands – embarking on a new venture in the Middle Eastern market, empowering businesses within the region to thrive in the digital age. Several CSR initiatives – giving back to Society and Earth!